NOETICA celebrates the sensuality and interconnections of life. Rising over 20 feet above the playa and combining sinuous kinetic movement with flame effects, NOETICA is designed to exemplify the interconnectedness of thought and of peoples. While we think of ourselves as discrete solid, individual entities; we are, in fact, all parts of a greater whole, affected by one another’s intentions, words and actions.

NOETICA is comprised of two distinct sculptures each made of 144 interlocking, movable squares, inscribed with sacred symbols from around the world. Interacting with one triggers corresponding movement and flame effects in the other.

The larger piece, suspended by supports several feet off the playa, includes flame and LED effects and moves by hydraulics. A smaller, identical piece can be directly moved by participants. Its movements are mirrored by the larger piece and generate LED patterns.

NOETICA providing participants with a powerful way to directly experience their connection with each other and the power of collaboration.

The sculpture requires cooperation and communication among participants to achieve its sinuous dance. Relaxing and yielding to the flow of shared experience, two or more participants work together for the most mesmerizing movements and the greatest flame and LED responses. Additional participants will control flame effects atop the structure. Since each shared interaction will be unique, the visual effects will be limitless and ever-changing.

The symbols cut into each square inspire emotion based on our own ideologies, as we each dance to our own beliefs. We soon see that movement within our own spheres of existence will have an affect on all others. The goal of the piece is to encourage acceptance of our responsibility to create the most out of our shared existence.

About The Flaming Lotus Girls

The Flaming Lotus Girls is a volunteer-based group of artists who has been making large-scale kinetic fire art since 2004. We have a long‑standing tradition of creating art involving interactive environments that invite participants to engage with the sculpture and with each other.

The Flaming Lotus Girls create art similar to the way that NOETICA moves. All ideas are considered, there is a collaborative approach to decision making, and the outcome is always so much more beautiful and creative than any one individual could achieve.